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June 25, 2001


One of the last blues survivors, John Lee Hooker died in his sleep on June 21st at the age of 83. Hooker passed away just five days after his performance at Santa Rosa, California. It seems now only Bo Diddley remains the keeper of the blues flame.

Since John’s first major success with "Boogie Chillen" in 1948, he had a major impact both on blues and rock'n'roll, his "Boom Boom" and "Crawlin’ King Snake" becoming staple in the sets of THE YARDBIRDS, THE DOORS and THE ANIMALS likes. A "Grammy" award for the 1989's "The Healer", which saw a collaboration with Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, George Thorogood and Robert Cray, only underscored Hooker's brilliant career. May God rest his bluesy soul.


For many years DEEP PURPLE's "Last Concert In Japan" remained the most underrated product from the band, as during the December 1975's shows Tommy Bolin's state was not the best, and, while mixing, the emphasis was made on Jon Lord's playing with more than a half of the set edited out. Now, the time has come to do album the justice, and after a couple of years of negotiations with The Bolin Estate, Purple Records slate the new version for September release.

The double-CD set is called "This Time Around", it's remixed now, expanded to present the entire concert and augmented with detailed notes and rare pictures from the tour. Also there will be a special limited edition available only via mail-order, that will come in a slipcase with a reproduction of the concert ticket, handbill and other goodies.

The complete show to be released looks like this:
Disc 1

1. Burn
2. Lady Luck
3. Love Child
4. Gettin' Tighter
5. Smoke On The Water
6. Wild Dogs

Disc 2

1. I Need Love
2. Soldier Of Fortune
3. Jon Lord solo
4. Lazy / drum solo
5. This Time Around
6. Owed To G
7. Tommy Bolin guitar solo
8. Drifter
9. You Keep On Moving
10. Stormbringer
11. (encore) Highway Star


Bernie Torme has now some goodies worthy of attention to be paid.

At the moment, a new live album is in the final stages, which will be out in a couple of months. The set is compiled from performances of the last two and a half years. As there's no title as of yet, Bernie's Retrowrek Records request fans to come up with it and ask to e-mail at retrowrek@ndirect.co.uk with "Live!" as subject. There should be one e-mail per sender, but with as many suggestions. The prize is a free copy of the album and a credit on it.

Of not less interest is the SILVER project album, featuring Mr Torme on guitar, Gary Barden of MSG fame on vocals, Don Airey on keyboards, Michael Voss on bass and Marco Minneman on drums. The album is released on Pointmusic in Germany.

June 20, 2001


Eventually, a track listing for "Fires At Midnight", the forthcoming album from BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, to be out on July 2nd, is announced. Here are the titles:

1. Written In The Stars
2. The Times They Are A-Changin'
3. I Still Remember
4. Home Again
5. Crowning Of The King
6. Fayre Thee Well (instrumental)
7. Fires At Midnight
8. Hanging Tree
9. The Storm

10. Midwinter's Night
11. All Because Of You
12. Waiting Just For You
13. Praetorious (instrumental)
14. Benzai-Ten
15. Sake Of Song
16. Village On The Sand
17. Again Someday


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions announce the new project on their roster, THE CAGE. The mastermind behind it is Italian guitar meister Dario Mollo, whose latest work is "Voodoo Hill" with Glenn Hughes taking the vocal duties. But in 1999 it was preceded by THE CAGE debut album, recorded with Tony Martin of BLACK SABBATH fame singing. Now, with Martin free from SABBATH, the two decided to take the further step in THE CAGE.

The work is currently being done in Mollo's Damage Inc. Studios in Ventimiglia, Italy. This time the players are: Roberto Gualdi on drums, Dario Patti on keyboards and restless Tony Franklin on bass. Martin says, "This album will include some of the most outstanding vocal work that ever came from myself. The song "Terra Toria" has the highest note that I've ever sung on an album!" In Mollo's words, "It is going to be slightly more aggressive and powerful than the previous THE CAGE album and the VOODOO HILL one, but still it contains possibly some of the best melodies I have ever written in my life!"

The release date is not scheduled yet, but, hopefully, the CD will see the light of day this year.


Ken Hensley is working hard now on his new "Running Blind" album to be released in January 2002. Ken decided to invite his new band's guitarist Dave Kilminster to take part in the recording. Once the mixing and the mastering are done, the limited edition pressings will be sent in the end of August to the subscribers. This pressing will sport a special sleeve that will not be repeated.

There was a certain delay in the work due to Hensley's involvement in THE HENSLEY-LAWTON BAND. Ken says: "I am very sorry if people feel disappointed, but I do hope this new schedule will put their minds at rest and that they will see that I am working very, very hard to finish the album. I have had to turn down some live shows in order to focus on this exclusively".

June 18, 2001


Ever-popular JETHRO TULL have some new projects in the pipeline. First is the new DVD slated for release in the fall of 2002, while the second, which Ian Anderson has been working on for some time, should be an ultimate live collection that will lead to some old live albums withdrawal from the shelves.

As for new studio work - it will start this year and likely will see the light of day also in 2002.


As it was reported before, Ozzy Osbourne is a main character in a video game "Black Skies" for PlayStation 2 and PC that will be out this Autumn. Ozz, never a dull man, had decided to have a bigger hand in production and recorded new versions of his popular songs "Crazy Train", "No More Tears" and "See You On The Other Side" as well as BLACK SABBATH classics "War Pigs" and "Paranoid".


BLACKMORE'S NIGHT just released the first single from the forthcoming "Fires At Midnight" album; the single, Dylan's "Times They Are A-Changing'", comes enhanced with video track.

The album will be out in Europe on July 2nd, and from July 24th to August 6th the band will be touring Germany. On some shows preferential seating will be given to fans dressed in Renaissance costumes.


Mark Boals-fronted band RING OF FIRE have their first album for release in Japan on July 25th with a tour scheduled for Autumn. The album is titled "The Oracle" and contains following tracks:

1. Prelude For The Oracle
2. Circle Of Time
3. Shadow In The Dark
4. Vengeance For Blood
5. Samurai
6. City Of The Dead
7. Dreams Of Empire

8. The Oracle
9. Interlude
10. Land Of Illusion
11. Take Me Home
12. Face The Fire
13. Secret bonus for Japan

Mark Boals' colleagues are Vitalij Kuprij on keyboards, George Bellas on guitars, bassist Philip Bynoe and drummer Virgil Donati.


DEEP PURPLE bass player Roger Glover agreed to take over the producer's duties for the remastering of 1974's "Burn" album, despite him not being a band member at the time. Although, in Glover's words, the mixing quality is poor, especially in the title track, he hopes to make it better. The work will take place in Manhatten's Acme Studios with Peter Denenberg engineering.


THE GRATEFUL DEAD will release on October 16th "The Golden Road 1965-1973", a twelve-CD compilation featuring the band's 1967 to 1973 albums on Warner Bros., digitally re-mastered, as well as live and unreleased material. The only album remained intact was "Live Dead", which is a perfect record with no room for bonus material. The work was supervised by DEAD drummer Mickey Hart and guitarist Bob Weir.

Also the box will include a two-disc - one studio, one live -set "The Birth of the Dead", assembled by the band's publicist Dennis McNally, containing tracks recorded before the DEAD signed with Warners.


URIAH HEEP continue their frenetic activity, which raised the band's profile immensely this year, with a new trick. HEEP, in association with Classic Rock Legends, are launching a new streaming media subscription service, Web TV, to be running on the band's official site.

There will be a new video each month, so subcribers will be able to watch short samples, test the best connection speed, and then be able to download video; purchase it online directly from the site's store and have it delivered at home; or watch the full length video online. In addition to the monthly subscriptions offerings, fans will be eligible for various special promotions.

The service is to start on August 1st, 2001 with "Live In Moscow" video from 1987. All proceeds from this service will directly benefit HEEP and help to ensure that there will be much more coming.

June 13, 2001


24-26th of August are the days of RockStock Festival that will take place in Utah. To miss the event out is a crime, because there's an impressive array of classic performers ready to go up on stage.

Among them are:

Al Stewart
Roger McQuinn
Ritchie Havens
Judy Collins
Dave Mason
(Denny Laine, Bobby Kimball,
Nick St Nicholas, Maicheal Monarc,
Ron Wisko)
Mark Farner

Ray Manzarek


The new KING KOBRA album is ready for autumn release through MTM Music. The line-up includes Carmine Appice, Kelly Keeling and Steve Fister, with special guests CC DeVille and Mick Sweda, who was an original member of the band in the Eighties, the era from which two bonus tracks come that will augment new album. To coincide with the CD release, a European tour is scheduled.

Meanwhile, Carmine Appice took part at the Modern Drummer Festival 2001, recieved standing ovations for his performance and was presented with an award by Sabian Cymbals for being The #1 Rock Drummer in the world. Congratulations!


The rumours abound of the CD released unofficially in Japan with the demo recordings of PINK FLOYD's "The Wall". One way or another, the recordings are available on the Internet at http://www.pinkfloyd-co.com/brito/demo_idx.html. A big deal.


TWISTED SISTER are the next ensemble to be paid a tribute to by the grateful. The album will be out on August 14th through Koch Records. The original band's guitar master JJ French is delighted with the event: "All of the artists on this album felt that we made some impact on them. I can honestly say that I am humbled at the work of all of them".

So the performers, some of which are truly great, and the songs are:

LIT - "I Wanna Rock"
Joan Jett - "We're Not Gonna Take It"
MOTORHEAD - "Shoot 'Em Down"
NASHVILLE PUSSY - "The Kids Are Back"
NINE DAYS - "The Price"
Chuck D - "Wake Up The Sleeping Giant"
ANTHRAX - "Destroyer"
OVERKILL - "Under The Blade"

CRADLE OF FILTH - "The Fire Still Burns"
VISION OF DISORDER - "Don't Let Me Down"
THE STEP KINGS - "Burn In Hell"
FU MANCHU - "Ride To Live (Live To Ride)"
Sebastian Bach - "You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll"
HAMMERFALL - "We're Gonna Make It"
SEVENDUST - "I Am (I'm Me)"

The last track is a very valuable addition - SISTER themselves gathered force and salute AC/DC.

Moreover, VH-1 is in production of a TWISTED SISTER "Behind The Music" special to get aired in the beginning of August. And that's not all - as the band still remains in demand, they came up with an official website, where the SIS' merchandise will be available.


The second box set of DEEP PURPLE Bootleg Series will see the light of day under "The Soundboard Series: Australasian Tour 2001" title and will include six double CDs featuring: Melbourne 9/3/01, Wollongong 13/3/01, Newcastle 14/3/01, Hong Kong 20/3/01, Tokyo 1st night 24/3/01, Tokyo 2nd night 25/3/01.

The Kuala Lumpur show's masters aren't available now but may appear in the future.

June 10, 2001


Our good friend John Young, who's particularly known for his work with John Wetton, GREENSLADE and, most recently, Fish, had joined the SCORPIONS entourage to supply his keyboards on the Germans' tour promoting their latest release, the unplugged album "Acoustica".


Koch Records are set to re-release the BADLANDS debut album on June, 26. In 1989 they were huge, those guys, the quartet consisted of guitarist Jake E. Lee (interview with Jake will follow soon), who had his share of fame in Ozzy Osbourne's band, KISS' drummer Eric Singer, bassist Greg Chaisson and the great late Ray Gillen, who served a short stint in BLACK SABBATH, on vocals.

Here are the words from Greg Chaisson: "BADLANDS was the best band and best musical experience of my career, and while it wasn't the easiest album to make, it is good album and we had a good time touring on it. Besides, Ray was the best singer of his time, Jake is a genius and Eric (as his career speaks for itself) is one of rock's all time great drummers! Jake's music gave me the chance to be my most creative, and I'll always be grateful for that chance!"

The album, "Badlands", took the 57th position in the Billboard Top 200 and remained on the charts for 26 weeks. Unfortunately, it didn't last long and after the second album the band broke up to never be restored, as in 1994 Ray Gillen left this world for the better one. So here's a good chance to savour the sound of BADLANDS in action.


Sirs George Martin and Paul McCartney are going to auction the first of 500 specially-framed lithographs of the original score for THE BEATLES' song "Yesterday". The online auction will start on June 14th will run for two weeks through http://yahoo.co.uk, all the profits are to be donated to aid the people of Montserrat island, following the devastating disaster that ruined it in 1997. The first print of lithograph is signed by the two BEATLES men. Macca said on the occasion: "Here’s to Yesterday helping build a new tomorrow".

June 3, 2001


Robert Plant is no longer a solo artist, as he is going to start recording an album with his new band STRANGE SENSATION to release it in the beginning of 2002. In the Billboard interview The Lemon Squeezer said: "Obviously, these are different days. This is not "Physical Graffiti" that's coming up," he says of the forthcoming album. "But that's OK. I understand exactly where things are, and I don't have any illusions or delusions. But what I want to do is make this thing really strong, and in doing so, be realistic about what we're doing here".

Robert had cancelled his appearance at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD festival but considers doing the gig next year.


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions announce that David Glen Eisley has aknowledged the label's desire to release the best of the singer's previously unissued material.

Eisley is the former singer of GIUFFRIA and DIRTY WHITE BOY. Before the former turned into HOUSE OF LORDS, the band recorded their third album to be called "Pleasure Palace". The song itself finished up on the LORDS' debut with the remainder left in the vaults and now they will see the light of day as well as the songs recorded for the DIRTY WHITE BOY. So, "The Lost Tapes" album from David Glen Eisley is penned in for release in late August. As a special bonus, the album will also include previously unavailable original versions of the HOUSE OF LORDS hits "Pleasure Palace", "Slip of The Tongue" and "Jealous Heart".

HAVEN is the name of the new female fronted act on the Frontiers' roster. The trio's debut is to be out on August 27th and will include contributions from Matt Sorum and Robin McAuley.

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